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Innovation fund Denmark has decided for Tech Made Simple to receive a grant via the Innobooster program. We are truly grateful for the support.

Heimdall Get control of your online presence and trust in your home network



I am unable to control app access for my family at specified times during the day


I am tired of losing out when my video stream drops out


I am concerned that my children are not safe when they roam the internet


I don’t trust all my smart devices and I fear for my privacy


Connected devices and network is difficult and complex


of your online presence with Heimdalls AI driven intuitive user interface



With Heimdall you will have an clean and intuitive overview of all your devices and see how Heimdall has configured your network, users and devices. For simplificaitons we have created fire assistants

  • Device:
    where you can see and configure all your devices apply parental controls etc.
  • Bandwidth
    where you can allocate priority to users, devices, etc.
  • Screen
    where you can create rules turn off specific items, create presets
  • Safe and Secure:
    where you can set up specific parental controls, define users in the network etc

And to combine them all and make it even simpler, we have created the most advanced Artificial Intelligence that will answer all your questions and execute all your tasks, simply ask what your want to know and Heimdall will execute your command.

Heimdall Bot

Heimdall Bot

The event viewer and Heimdall bot, makes getting answers to your question or concern easy and simple. By pressing and holding the bottom right icon you activate the Heimdall Bot. Then you simply ask the Heimdall BOT any question in relation to you or your children’s digital presence.

You can also use the Heimdall bot to give commands to Heimdall, such as turn of the internet, restrict devices or set up parental controls for a specific device.

And if you already use other digital assistants Heimdall is offcourse fully integrated to , Alexa, Google Assist and Siri.

Smart, Simple, Easy!

Device Manager

Device Assistant

All the devices in the network that are active. You can allow, remove, set bandwidth priority, see Heimdall trust level, set parental role on the device overruling Heimdall AI

If the system does not guess it you can also tie a person to a device, if that device is unique.

Screen Assistant

With the screen assistant you quickly and easily get an overview of consumption time spent on different applications per device or per user for ALL devices in your household.

Application Usage,
  • Choose between user user, device and general.
    Choose day, week, month
  • Choose Time of day
Application Rules
  • Set rule of access for user, app, device or all
  • Set rule, such as every night between 22-06 for all, user, App or device

Presets can also be created for more dynamic timings such as when dinner starts or when it is time to say goodnight

Bandwidth Assistant

Current Router load

Router load shows the distribution on consumers and the system automatically knows what your current total load is and if there are any issues with the applications you normally use. Here you can find details bandwidth consumption per person, devices, app type and specific Apps

Internet boost

If you have challenges with your bandwidth you can prioritize bandwidth base on Persons Device App type or specific Apps can be prioritized. For example if your video conference is not working optimal you can prioritize video conferencing over gaming and streaming

You can also simply let Heimdall decide, based on your fixed rules or benchmark. it can be during daytime work and school related applications are prioritized over streaming and gaming applications.

Alarm Manager

Safe and Secure

Event Viewer

The event viewer highlights everything you need to know, when you need to know, nothing more nothing less, just what is important, and something you can take action on.


Through the history function you can see everything that has happened on your network, if you should need to do any further analysis, or simply are curious what happened that one time, your network was not performing.


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