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Tech Made Simple
Specialist in Embedded Solutions and IoT

What We Do

Tech Made Simple is a specialized solution house within Embedded Systems. We help our customers from technology validation through bring-up, architecture, system design and  prototype.

Tech Made Simple is specialized in:

  Virtualization, IoT architecture, Backend/Frontend
Cloud, Embedded Bringup, Prototyping
Linux, DPDK, VueJS, NodeJS, WebSocket, GraphQL,
Express, Docker Swarms, Docker Containers, Security.

How We Work

Tech Made Simple are able to enter at every phase of your project, whether you need advice, sparring or hands on development. Tech Made Simple work closely with your team, to identify your needs and ultimately solves your challenges.
At Tech Made Simple we work with knowledge transfer at the core from the very beginning to ensure you and your team gain the competencies and knowledge needed for the continued development and life cycle management of your solution.

Areas of Expertise

Technology Validation

We have vast knowledge and experience with embedded technologies and their applications. If you are in need of finding new platform, technologies or similar, Tech Made Simple is your preferred partner.

Embedded System Design

We have a proven project model that enables us to work with the rest of your team to ensure the success of the final delivery

Software Architecture

We appreciate that Software Architecture is difficult to outsource as it often requires significant domain knowledge about the program or solution. At Tech Made Simple we have a long track record of Software Architecture and can be a partner for sparring and knowledge.

Software Development

We have significant expertise within software programming and software development. specifically within the following languages:
Python, C, C++, Javascript and Assembler for ARM and x86 (GCC, make, gdb, perf)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have experience to set up Machine Learning models and modelling within the following:
Tensorflow, Movidius, GPU for AI

Internet of Things

We have vast experience within IoT both business application, platforms, configuration and implementation

Current Projects


Tech Made Simple (TMS) is developing an intelligent and intuitive network assistant. The product Heimdall simplifies the management of home and SME networks via AI / ML, new network technology and simple user interfaces.

The project contains many of the main disciplines of Tech Made Simple specialties including

GraphQL, Cloud, Swarms, Security, Linux, containers, Bring-up, prototyping and IoT architecture

Consulting to move network testing to the private cloud

Tech Made Simple is assisting with DPDK, linux driver, vmware and x86 performance optimization to advance the customer products within these areas.

Past Experience

Industrial IoT for Medical Device

Development of full end to end IoT solution to do remote services on medical devices, automatic replenishment, and diagnostics for global company.

The solution included embedded linux, hardware design, IoT platform implementation, AWS cloud, machine learning and front end development.

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