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Hello, Welcome to Zoe Zoe is your friendly assistant who guide your family on a journey towards healthier internet habits. Learn More Zoe focus on mental health Fear-of-missing-out syndrome cause many of us to needlessly revisit apps very frequently. With Zoe you get tailored help to combat internet addiction. Learn More Does technology ever prevent you from being present? The Internet is awesome for learning news and answering questions, but it also presents easy addictions which robs you of your time. Zoe helps you recover lost time and be with friends. Get Started Keep your kids safe and happy Zoe know about digital presence and usage and enables you to supervise and control the negative sides of the Internet. Get Started

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Slide Learn More Zoe is your digital assistant to help you shape a better Internet app use and free you from constant interruptions Internet today is all about apps and services, most which seek to get your attention continuously. With a constant barrage of notifications and popups, your stress levels increase and time is lost, time which could otherwise be spend on real world elements which truly matters. Zoe is designed to guide you and your family on a journey towards better Internet usage to increase your presence, alleviate stress and help your mental health. Welcome to Zoe

Slide Developed by Children for Children Digital wellbeing and digital habits are impossible to foster by simply applying policies and control over children and ultimately deny the use of online services. A true balanced digital live and habits in families can only be achieved through open communication. This is why Zoe is developed in collaboration with children for the ultimate family experience and digital wellbeing. supervised_user_circle Assisted Supervision ZOE features intelligent assisted supervision of your children's internet behavior. With no access to content an no risk to your family's privacy ZOE identify and restrict access to areas of the Internet not suitable to children Be Present Let ZOE help you be present in the moments during the day, whether for work or with friends and family. ZOE block messages and popups, but keep your phone open for important calls. Family Offline Use ZOE to manage when online services shall be completely off for all devices in the family, for instance dinner time, play time or simply ensure a good night sleep for all. Stay Safe With ZOE's automated and intelligent supervisor, you are immediately alerted if a user or any of your devices are misusing the Internet and you need to take action. Break the Chains Continuous and excessive usage of any given service can impact mental health problems. Break the chains with ZOE and improve your mental as well as your physical wellbeing. Family care ZOE is part of a greater ecosystem that brings you suggestions and alternatives to the screen. Bring together your family around activities, and foster healthier digital habits Complete Overview ZOE automatically brings you the total consumption of online services, for all devices in your household, including, smart tv, gaming consoles, computers, phones and tablet, without installing a multitude of software on each device. Access Anywhere With the ZOE app you always have access to see traffic, change settings and rules and even assist your kids providing their firends accces to the WiFi. Learn More

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Family Time Digital welbeeing for your family We are all depending on technology one way or the other and for most people there is a balanced consumption of digital services. But in an increasing "always on" culture, we may need to address the availabillity and acceptance of distractions when we are with our families. Z0e help you to safeguard time with your family improving socialising and family ties. Digital Habits Apply policies on all devices Kids don’t have the big-picture perspective that parents have, so we need to help them cultivate their own sense of self-regulation leading to healthy digital habits. zoe gives you as well as your child insights into consumptions of online services as wells as offer certain methods to limit the intrusion to their lives.

Focus Keep your work uninterrupted Working from Home is the new era following the devestating Conrona pandemic, with remote meetings and works as the new normal. Ensuring a working video link, as well as keeping distractions from SoMe away has proven to be quite a task. Break Habbits Be Present and with Friends Internet is an awesome tool for keeping touch with your friends and extended family, but nothing can replace a gettogether in the physical world. Zoe will help you unplug and re-focus on what matters in this world.

Slide How do I get Zoe? Getting started with Zoe is super simple. We have designed an easy-to-use gadget which when installed monitors and optionally controls internet services and apps which run through your home. We have designed Zoe to be non-intrusive and with respect to privacy, so it will not be inspecting content of messages, only record the application usage which is enough for Zoe to provide you and your family with a guided path towards better internet use. Read More about How Zoe Works WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?

Slide Our Pricing Choose package which suites you best Software Only Plan For OpenWRT DIY kit All of Zoe Cloud Backup SELECT FOR 6.99 €/month. Family Plan Easy to use Hardware 24/7 support Cloud Backup Unlimited users SELECT FOR 9.99 €/month. Institution Plan Designed for institutions Schools and libraries All of Zoe Central management 24/7 premium support CONTACT US

Slide Have a question? we are listening We would love to hear from you and welcome any questions, comments or feedback. Please reach out using below form or email and we'll be back as soon as possible.

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